Friday, November 22nd, 2019


We offer a wide range of services at MK & Associates. Our team of fire investigators and forensic engineers thoroughly investigate vehicular, motorcycle, building and mechanical fires for fire origin and cause relating to electrical or mechanical defects, arson, pyrotechnics, improper disposal of smoking materials, lightening strikes and blasting incidents…to name a few.

Origin and Cause Investigations

  • Fire origin
  • Fire cause
  • Fire and explosion scene processing
  • Documenting issues of potential subrogation
  • Evidence retrieval and storage
  • Analysis of building systems and construction
  • Expert testimony

Evidence Storage

  • Climate controlled evidence storage
  • Chain-of-custody strictly maintained
  • Industry standard Evidence Tracker software utilized
  • Fully insured for errors and ommissions

Fires & Explosions

  • Structural, building and house fires
  • Vehicular, truck and motorcycle fires
  • Appliance and household items fires
  • Marine fires
  • Woodland fires
  • Commercial equipment fires


  • Review and analysis of third-party reports
  • Code compliance review
  • Fire alarms
  • Building codes & construction
  • Case review
  • Safety analysis

To launch your investigation, call Neil Peters today at 314.744.4033, send a toll-free fax to 866.843.6620 or CLICK HERE to start your investigation online.

Our Evidence Locker