Friday, November 22nd, 2019

About Us

MK & Associates, a national forensic engineering and fire investigation firm, offers a complete range of services throughout the United States for a wide range of fire related litigation and design matters, claim determination, worker’s compensation and safety analysis. Our testimony is defendable in a court of law because our forensic engineers and fire investigators are competent, thorough and provide objective analysis.

Neil Peters

One such investigator is Neil Peters, CFEI. As a Fire Origin and Cause Investigator and Evidence Supervisor at MK & Associates, Neil Peters handles each chase with complete professionalism.

Mr. Peters has been in the field of fire investigation since 2002, when he began working under the tutelage of Ronald F. Gronemeyer.

Certified by the State of Missouri as a Fire Investigator and Safety Consultant, Mr. Peters is also a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator and has a degree in Fire Protection Technology. He draws on more than six years of private sector work conducting investigations and interviews, designing and executing tests, and performing comprehensive research for cases involving mechanical, civil, electrical and design evaluation engineering.

Burnt Wires
Neil Peters brings an objective, thorough and scientific mindset to bear in all of his endeavors. With a B.S. in Biology and experience working in the bio-tech industry, he understands the importance of using the scientific method and its relevance to conducting an object investigation that can stand up to challenges in a court of law.

To launch your investigation, call Neil Peters today at 314.744.4033, send a toll-free fax to 866.843.6620 or CLICK HERE to start your investigation online.