Thursday, December 5th, 2019


We can handle your case from the initial call and scene investigation through report preparation and testimony in a court room.

Your Fire Investigation Begins with a Simple Call!

Whether you are an insurance adjuster or an attorney, when you have a property or casualty fire loss you need investigated, call us and we will get started on your assignment right away.

  • Your claim is handled in a timely manner–your initial investigation is a priority and we will start upon accepting the job.
  • Each assignment is handled in an objective manner with utmost professionalism.
  • We keep you informed about the status of your case throughout all phases of our investigation.
  • Our quick response and thorough documentation help you build a solid case.

Your Fire Investigation Is Our Business!

  • Timely, detailed and objective reporting
  • Solid preparation and clear, logical presentation of findings make your case understandable by attorneys, insurance adjusters and juries alike.
  • Expert testimony
  • " >Our evidence storage, with secure climate-controlled storage and strict chain-of-custody controls, ensures your evidence is carefully maintained.

To launch your investigation, call Neil Peters today at 314.744.4033, send a toll-free fax to 866.843.6620 or CLICK HERE to start your investigation online.